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Customer Retention Plan


It’s a critical aspect of a company’s overall marketing and business strategy, focusing on maintaining relationships with customers beyond the initial sale Rather than solely focusing on acquiring new customers.

Customer retention refers to the strategies and efforts businesses undertake to keep their existing customers engaged, satisfied, and loyal over time. It involves building and maintaining strong relationships with customers to encourage repeat purchases, foster brand advocacy, and maximize customer lifetime value.

Our plan supports your customer retention strategy and boost appreciation, and care by sending meaningful gifts and cards to them. Your sales team observes increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
The best occasions for Gifts:

– After Deal (Closing)
– Birthday
– Christmas

We also send three handwritten greeting cards with your message in any of your occasions such as promotion or sales.

Package A:
– Three Beauty & Gourmet Gift Boxes
– Three Wax Seal greeting cards
– Free shipping
Price: $199

Package B: $299
– Three Wine Gift Boxes
– Three wax seal greeting cards
– Free shipping
Price: $299

NOTE: This Package is only available for Recipients in Virginia, DC, and Florida states.