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Eveline All Day Ideal Stay Matt Finish & Fix Pressed Powder


Eveline All Day Ideal Stay Matt Finish & Fix Pressed Powder

Eveline All Day Ideal Stay Matt Finish & Fix Pressed Powder


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MATT FINISH & FIX is the breakthrough in corrective cosmetics. Rice powder which covers skin with the protective coat, extending make-up durability.

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Applied onto a foundation perfectly mattifies, maintaining the effect of make-up even up to 16 hours.

Transparent, ultra light cosmetic does not change the color of selected foundation, thus the skin maintains natural look.

Does not underline imperfections of complexion.

The powder is the perfect finish of the make-up –face becomes soft, ideally smooth and pleasant to the touch. Additionally absorbs excess of sebum, maintaining perfect matt for a long time.

Dedicated especially to the women with oily and combination skin.

Active ingredients:

Rice starch – obtained from purified rice was used in Ayurveda – the holistic treatment method. It was also used by geishas in order to have flawless faces. Rice powder soothes inflammations, thus it can be a foundation for the make-up for acne skin. Softens the skin, but also mattifies it and evens its tone.

Kaolin – is one of the most delicate clays, containing many microelements (mainly silica, aluminum, iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium) and mineral salts. Recommended mainly for oily and combination skin with excessive sebum production. Aluminum content tightens the pores. It is soft and velvety, facilitates distribution of the cosmetics.

Talc – is almost completely transparent, velvety and delicate. Brightens the colors, but does not reduce them. On the contrary, it adds them intensity.

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